Friday, December 28, 2007

Short Sales and Pre-forclosures

I have a unique way of finding great deals on Real Estate because I hold both Mortgage and Real Estate Broker's License. On the Mortgage Side of my business, I have an ever growing network of contacts with realtors, buyers and sellers wanting help in saving the mortgage loan transactions. In most of these transactions sellers and buyers have already agreed to various terms like Seller Contributions, Buyer Downpayments, and or, Seller Financing and Short Sales.

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This property is destined to sell quick! I've had the privilage to observe steady appreciation in the Oak Forest Sub-division. If you do a little research on this subdivision, you will notice 2 bedroom homes selling in the same price range as this beautiful 3 bedroom, with hardwood flooring, oversized corner lot, updated interior, conveniently sitting accross the street from an elementary school.

It's gonna be a little difficult to show. The seller only wants viewings Mon-Tues-Weds between the hours of 6PM and 8PM. It's also available for showing Saturdays 9AM to 1PM.

Do your research and get me a contract quick! Call me or e-mail me Today!

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About Me

Hi! My name is Dick and I Broker Texas Real Estate and I Broker Mortgages. I coined the phrases, "Financing for the REST of America." Along with the phrase, "Financing that you can rest with." I've been Licensed in the Mortgage/Real Estate industry for approximately eight or nine years. I have been fortunate in the Real Estate industry and exceptionally blessed with the ability to Locate great deals on residential real estate. My philosophy has always been, "people aren't looking for a mortgage.....they're looking for a home". So what I do is always know where there's great deals on Homes. I then, many times align myself with the participants and help to facilitate an easy transaction working within one of my licensed capacities.

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Setting Up New Residence.

I really like the format of this blogging software. So to start the year out, I'm moving all of my sites to Blog Format. I think It will be easier to track and maintain. Another great feature is pinging with new material is available. It will be much easier for me to make new products and information available.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to both New and Regular Visitors!