Sunday, March 23, 2014

Houses for Sale Near New Exxon in Houston

A friend asked me for a list of homes N/NW within 15 miles of the NEW EXXON building on I-45 in Houston, Texas.  I thought hmmm..... might be a good link to share on my blog.  Anyway, it's almost finished.  Next time I get over that way, I'll try and get some pics. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Moving Close To Houston? What about Conroe, Texas?

Conroe is truly one of the best hidden jewels in Texas.  It’s the best of both worlds with a pleasing mixture of city and country.  Conroe's high elevation affords it with breath taking  views.

  It has both heavy wooded areas and booming new construction.  Conroe’s location is only 40 miles from Houston, Texas making it the perfect vacation spot.  Houston’s entertainment and museum district is world class and second only to New York’s venues.  Houston is known for always maintaining fun and exciting activities for the entire family. 

Conroe offers a multitude of opportunities to escape into the wilderness. The Sam Houston State National Forest and the W. Goodrich Jones State Forest offer several hiking trails and access to the 120 mile long Lone Star Hiking Trail, camping areas, bird watching, hunting, fishing, geocaching and much more. Whether you are a seasoned nature tourist or just want to explore a little, Conroe has the adventure you are looking for.”  Read More.....

Conroe’s real estate market is one of the best values in Texas.  Take a look at some of the beautiful Homes currently Available!  Call 936-441-8539 Move to Conroe!

Conroe’s growth pattern could be said to be more multiple-nuclei rather than concentric zone.  It is growing along the freeway and various major accesses to the city rather than from the center of the city.  Conroe has a wealth of real estate investing opportunities for both residential and commercial investors.  The property in the video below is a vacant commercial site located on a growth path at the southwest corner of Highway 105 and Loop 336.  Take a look then....CALL 832-703-2411 Financing Available

Asking Price: $1,999,000.00
•± 18.88 Acre Site - will Sub-Divide
• Utilities Available
•Located west of the Intersection of SH 105 & Loop 336 W
•Adjacent to HEB Retail


Conroe is considered the 10th fastest-growing city over 50k in the nation. Conroe’s current population is estimated at 61,539 residents.   

Listed Below....Fastest growing cities in US (%)

  • 1: San Marcos, Texas (4.91)
  • 2: South Jordan, Utah (4.87)
  • 3: Midland, Texas (4.87)
  • 4: Cedar Park, Texas 4.67)
  • 5: Clarktown, Tenn (4.43)
  • 6: Alpharetta, Georgia (4.37)
  • 7: Georgetown, Texas (4.21)
  • 8: Irvine, California (4,21)
  • 9: Buckeye, Arizona (4.14)
  • 10: Conroe, Texas (4.01)
US Census Bureau, 2011-12 


Friday, May 27, 2011

Houston's Luxury Home Market Safe at Bargain Prices!

You Deserve The Best!
Luxury Estates For Sale or Lease

Houston's real estate market is back on the move.  NOW is a great time to invest in a Luxury Home.  I was just on the phone with a Sales Associate affiliated with one of Houston's premier mid price point home builder.  We were discussing one of my client's that had chosen to upgrade his home purchase.  The associate re-iterated the same information that another builder had informed me.  His message to me was, "HOME PRICES IN HOUSTON ARE ON THE RISE!!"  Now is a very good time to purchase a home in Houston.  Houston is currently in the process of a tremendous BOOM!!

Take a look at this recent Bloomberg article.  Here's a quote from the article;

"International real estate investors are falling in love with Houston, a fast-expanding energy hub that’s luring buyers from Toronto to Houston is Booming! seeking properties with lower costs and higher returns than buildings in the priciest U.S. cities."

I moved to Houston in 1985.  It was during a different type of real estate crash/corrective cycle.  I transfered to Texas with the South Texas Nuclear Facility.  I was working for Byron Station #6 at the time, and was offered a job training computer operators for So. Texas Security Systems.  My original intentions for moving to Houston were;
  1. Moving from the COLD Illinois winters, I loved the year round Houston climate.
  2. During 1985 I felt that Houston would be one of the first cities to recover from the crash.
  3. I planned to live in Houston maybe 5 to 7 years then, move on to Phoenix or Vegas.
Now looking back, I've really enjoyed living in Houston.  I've also enjoyed the last 13 years in the real estate industry.  I've sent 3 children to college including one Ivy League.

This is the Best Time To Buy or Lease Luxury Homes In Houston and it's surrounding areas!! You'll be glad you did!

In this blog entry I'm posting what I consider several great reasons for moving to Houston along with several astounding luxury leases.

If one is wealthy and looking for an exclusive safe haven then, Houston's and it's surrounding suburbs are Utopia.  And what's better, all the homework has been done for you.  Houston's diversity requires a vast array of skilled attorneys, accountants and real estate practioners.  So, no matter who you are, someone here can quickly help simplify your transition.

Real estate is cyclical and there is a direct correlation between residential and commercial real estate.  Houston's commercial market is out performing much of the nation.  Also, Houston's job creation rate is out performing the rest of the nation 2 to 1.  Once again, Houston is poised to recover from the economic downturn way ahead of the rest of the nation.  In my opinion.

Why is Houston a great place for the wealthy to consider?  Remember, earlier I said that all the homework has been done.  Jerry Moore is one example of an individual who did his homework.  He made wheel barrels full of money riding the wave of the last Houston real estate correction cycle.  He used to drop by and talk to one of my old bosses trying to convince him to invest in Houston real estate. 

Here's a few research articles:
Houston is America's Fastest Growing Millionare City!
Houston has world renown medical facilities.
Many in the medical field or needing medical care move to Houston.
For example where did they move Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ)?  Houston?
Goldman Sachs thinks Houston is a good choice.
Citgo Headquarters moving to Houston?
Obama may be going to Ireland but, the Irish is moving to Houston.
Wealthy Mexicans find refuge in Houston.   Many prefer The Woodlands.
Logistics Firm with over ONE CENTURY in business moves to Houston.
Is Texas Ready for the Millions Moving to it?
Houston Has Recovered 73% of the Jobs Loss during Recession!
Caterpiller expanding in Texas?
$41 Billion Plus Foreign Investors Buying in U.SGroup Tours in Houston.

You Deserve It!  You can afford it!  Especially at These Tremendous Prices!
Call Now!  Let's Talk!

Houston has the best entertainment and museum district.  Houston's art and museum district is second only to that of New York.  There's aways something exciting going on in the Bayou City.  I had so much fun with my family going to the rodeo's, the games, the Water Worlds.  Who remembers Fame  We enjoyed plays, museums, concerts and so on.  There's aways something FUN Going on in Houston.  Then there's all the spectacular Lake Front Communities.

Move To Houston! Click Here! Call or Email Today!  Dick Green Triad Realty Services 936-441-8539
All prices and lease amounts are subject to change.  Give me a call and I'll be glad to verify posted information.  Talk to you soon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seller Financing Opportunities

Since the mortgage meltdown sellers have decided to take matters into their own hands.  Everytime I look on the MLS I see more owner financing properties on the market.  The basic premise of the industry is that people will always need to buy and sell real estate.  But, as a buyer one must remember the old saying, "Buyers Beware", still holds true.

Remember, take caution purchasing from sellers when using less than orthodox, traditional lending methods.  Don't be vamboozled.  When purchasing from a seller one should insure any existing liens or emcuberances are either satisfied or agreeable with one's transaction.  Don't cut corners, trust in chance, or assume that all participants to the transaction have your best interest at heart.  I hear so many horror stories where trusting buyers have been swindled out of thousands of dollars attempting to purchase homes from less than honest individuals.

A few things that I would question in seller financing transactions are:
  1. Who owns the home?  Are all parties represented and/or aware of the proposed transaction?
  2. Is the home free and clear?  If not, non-approval assumptions were done away with by Pres. Reagan.
  3. Are you being represented by a realtor or attorney?  Why or Why not?
  4. Is the closing taking place at a title company? Why or Why not?
  5. Are the terms of lending commensurate with available loan programs?
These are just of fewof the many questions I would ask.  There's also the value and condition of the home itself.  Currently, there's alot of great 'Owner Financing', real estate deals on the market.  Make sure to exercise due diligence and seek the advice of skilled professionals.

"Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established." Proverbs 15:22

For a List of Owner Financed Homes in the Houston, Texas Area CLICK HERE!