Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recent E-mail

I had some difficulty sending this to a I'll post it here and forward this address to him.

Hi Charles,

Long time no see! Enjoyed chatting with you today.

As I mentioned during our conversation, we can help individuals who are in danger of losing their homes regardless of credit or equity. They can have horrible a matter of fact, there's no credit check involved. As for equity....we have a program specifically designed for individuals who purchased a home that has depreciated in value.

If you have anyone who needs to save their home, let us know. As for your referral fee, simply let us know what you want and add it to the amount of the initial fee. As I mentioned, the fee is based on the homeowner's monthly payment. The minimum fee is $1500. We will work on hardship by case.

Here's more info

Yea the Market is sorta topsy turvy but.......we still have great programs. me. I have the programs! I'm always accessible even holidays and weekends.
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