Friday, July 25, 2008

Such a Hot Deal about to come available.

Have you every wanted the opportunity to negotiate with the seller before the property is available to anyone? Here's an opportunity to do just that. Let me explain....

Recently I held an open house on one of my rentals. One of the viewers told me that she needed to move quickly and wanted me to help her locate a rental home. After working with her for a couple of days, I discovered that she currently owns a home that she's going to walk away from because of two reasons.

1. An adjustable rate mortgage continually going upward.
2. Not being able to refinance due to market changes.

She also feels like the area that the property is located in is depreciating due to nearby foreclosures.

I took a look at the numbers and guess what? The numbers state that this is a great property to hold on to. This is a great property for someone looking for a short purchase. If you want to stay updated on this property drop me a quick e-mail.

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