Saturday, June 27, 2009

Houston Real Estate

I'm watching this Houston real estate market like a hawk. There's unbelievable buying activity especially at the lower price points. The margins are incredible. Yesterday I turned in a cash offer and was informed by the selling agent that my offer was among 12 others. I asked him, "how many of those offers are cash?". He replied, " four (4) of the offers are cash".

Today I received a call from a past client who wants to invest in the Houston market while it's hot. He's using IRA fund and wanted to put $300,000 into rental property for Triad to manage. He was thinking of the low end luxury market. I explained to him that the luxury market in Houston is still quite strong. In the higher price points I've seen some great margins and buying opportunities. Take this one for example with over $500,000 in equity on the was snatched up right away. Anyway, I went on to explain that the low end market is where the strong activity is. I recommended that he purchase (3) $90,000 homes instead. The profit margins are higher and the risk is less. At any given time it's easy to go online and find incredible real estate opportunities in the Houston area. Here's a list that I ran just for this article. Even though each of these three properties look like great transaction, the one that literally jumps off the page is "Cherry Forest". Cherry Forest is priced at $94,900 (at the time of this post), and was once closed at $169,000 back in 2005.

If your thinking about investing in real estate....consider the Houston Market!

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