Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Secret Searching Method

So, I'm working with a couple of cash buyers. One would think that the old adage, "Cash Is King", would still be a valid way of doing business. I'm beginning to wonder. I've noticed a trend with this current market where lenders/lien holders are willing to go for the two in a bush rather than 1 in the hand.

My cash clients have lost on several cash offers to slightly higher offers containing third party financing considerations. Go Figure! I've always stayed ahead of the curve and have been able to locate the good deals before the rest of the pack. If you hunt harder than the next guy you'll always eat. In this market alot of agents have gone on to other fields. Those that have decided to remain in the industry are either too new to understand the stakes or are experienced hunters.

So now it's Game Time! It's time for me to revert to back to covert marketing campaigns. And guess what? I've discovered something real interesting that I'm rather excited about. It works like a gem! I'll share a brief overview with you. For more detailed me and just ask me. It's so simple it's scary. What I've been doing is structuring a custom search based on expired listings. The end result is to locate individuals who were at one time offering their properties for sale at discounted pricing due to pending foreclosure, depreciated values or some other circumstance requiring a quick sale. These same individuals have been disappointed with unsuccessful marketing results. Resulting in the Listing becoming expired. This type of client can many times be a very easy individual to over exceed their expectations. In this market things have changed. There's real money to be made with Expired Listings. To keep ahead of the curve, we as agents must change and think of outside the box marketing techniques. He who hunts the hardest and the longest will always eat! I suggest that you experiment with Expired Listings.

Good Luck!

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