Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Houston Traffic

Ya gotta luv it!

Yesterday I was on Loop 610 between Hwy 290 and I - 45N when all of a sudden it turned into a parking lot. I was sure there was a major accident ahead. Nope....., everyone was looking at workers installing a New Hospital sign off on the feeder (access), road. What's funny is after discovering that there was no blood and guts, drivers continued to proceed slowly as if they had been cheated out of some morbid spectacle. Another day in Houston. A must travel tool when visiting Houston is GPS. If renting, make sure to include in your rental.

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Jason Wheeler said...

This same thing happened to me on 101 here in CA. A truck tipped over and spilled gasoline... The freeway was closed for hours. What a nightmare! If you would like to view my blog it is

Jason Wheeler