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I've done all the work for you!

I've found the best source of leads, the best contact management system, the best auto-dialer voip, the best prices. If you're like many professional sales people, total sales utopia can best be described as a built-in data retrieval system that automatically separates prospects from suspects at the push of a button. Finally it's here! My phone is ringing off the Hook! Let me share my system with you! Unless you're in! Just kidding! There's plenty of business to go around. With my new system in place, I can show you how to reduce your lead generation cost to almost ziltch while at the same time only talking to prequalified leads who are filtered and ready to spend money! Don't pay the extreme live transfer prices of $25 to $65 dollars per lead! Don't pay the crazy prices for so called guaranteed trigger leads. I'll show you how to get the best quality leads at wholesale prices straight from the credit bureau repositories!

If you're selling anything from Real Estate to Mary Kay, don't miss out on this hot system. I'll walk you through the entire process. I'll set you up with one of my automated dialers along with super cheap leads based on you're specific requirements. I'll show you how to adhere to Federal DNC requirements. Don't miss out! Take advantage of the less strenuous DNC requirements before they expire in September of '09. Contact me today for pricing!

Pre-Foreclosure Leads
Pre-foreclosure leads that are updated daily direct from the credit bureaus. You can now target pre-foreclosure leads that are currently 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or 120 days late on mortgage. Reach your prospects before they receive a NOD and at the first sign of trouble. These are ideal prospects for loss mitigation, loan modification, short sale, and real estate investors. All pre-foreclosure leads comes with full name, address, mortgage amount, and late status. We guarantee accuracy on all of our pre-foreclosure lists.

Notice of Default (NOD) Leads
Target actual public filings of NOD (Notice of Default). These homeowners have had foreclosure documents filed by their mortgage companies and the lawyers have filed in accordance with local authorities. These homeowners are drowning and need offers to help them with a foreclosure mitigation, short sale, lease option, refinance, and more. Take a look at some of my filters:

Date of Default
Amount of Default
Auction Date
Opening Bid
Sales Price
Original Loan Date
Property Indicator
Number of Units
Living Area Sq Ft
# of Bedrooms
# of Bathrooms
# of Garages
Lot Size
Year Built
Current Land Value
Current Improvement Value
Monthly Hotline Count: 150,000+
Available Weekly

Drill down credit & Debt Leads to your target consumer like never before with our credit and debt leads. You can target people that are 60 or 90 days late on their credit card payments and filter them by Fico score. Whether you offer debt management, debt consolidation, credit repair, or payday loans, we can match you with the right lists at the best price.

Consumer Lists
Pinpoint your target audience with our consumer lists the most comprehensive consumer database on the market, covering more than 110 million households and 220 million individuals! With over 500 demographic and lifestyle characteristics to choose from, let me put together the best consumer list for your marketing campaign.

Spanish Leads
Our Hispanic Households file generates the best Spanish leads and is our best performing ethnic file available. Hispanics represent $300 Billion dollars worth of buying power that continues to grow exponentially and are the fastest growing population in the United States. Our Spanish leads are identified through our proprietary software that allows us to match first and last names to best identify Hispanic households to generate the best Spanish speaking leads in the industry.

Biz Opp & Entrepeneurs Lists
This multi-business owner file is sourced from Yellow Pages ads, Telco/utility updates, DBA Filings, New website registrations, and other reliable sources. These entrepreneurs and business opportunity seekers are active responders to marketing programs and request additional information on many types of business ventures and investment opportunities. Check some of the filters:

Fax where available
Employee Size
Sales Volume
Primary SIC
Zip +4
Trademark Codes
Fortune Codes
Year Started
Phone Numbers
Fastest turnaround time in the industry
Minimum order of 3,000 records
92% accuracy on Phones
95% accuracy on Addresses

ARM Leads
We offer a database that includes both credit bureau and county tax/deed record overlays and include dates of refinance for adjustable rate mortgage. This data is obtained by direct compilation at the county court house and can be augmented with all three major credit bureau databases. This quality data enables you to generate top notch ARM leads for your team.

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1000 leads 45 cents per record

2000 leads 38 cents per record

3000 leads 28 cents per record

5000 leads 18 cents per record

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