Monday, November 3, 2008

Knowing When to Hold 'Em!

I'm on the MLS daily searching properties in the Houston and surrounding area. I'm amazed at the number of great deals hitting the market. This current market has presented valuable purchase opportunities for every price point. I was talking to an agent early this morning who's property was selling for $68,000. It's part of a 9 or 10 group of single family homes owned by one investor. The properties are selling for around 65 to 68 cents on the dollar.

I often send out generic e-mails to short-sale, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosure listed properties asking whether or not they would consider even further discounts off the listed extremely short, short price. Occasionally, they respond with YES!!! PLEASE SEND US AN OFFER!!!

I'm currently working on a transaction where the builder really doesn't care what the selling price is. He stated that whatever the lender would approve as a short sale, he would be willing to sign off on. So I'm recommending that all of my potential customers make sure to purchase properties well under value in traditionally stable areas also be prepared to hold on to properties for at least 5 to 7 years.

Here's an article containing some great purchase tips!

Buying Smart(Housing : U.S.) 10/31/2008
SAN ANTONIO (San Antonio Express-News) – Those wishing to buy a home under the current economic conditions may be glad they did, as long as they are wise in selecting their location.

Barry Nystedt of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents predicts that values in many coveted communities very gradually will begin rising during the next six to 12 months. In areas where the economy is weak, however, he says prices could remain stagnant for three years or longer.

“Right now there are too many properties for sale in lots of places. But in areas where inventories are starting to tighten, you should soon begin to see signs of recovery,” he said. Industry experts give homebuyers a few things to consider when selecting a neighborhood. Among the things a buyer should look for are:

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