Sunday, November 23, 2008

Deuteranopia A Useful Atribute

I was listening to one of the radio talk shows yesterday. It was a Financial Management program. A high percentage of the call-in listeners expressed the same concerns. To wit: "I'm nearing retirement age and have lost much of my retirement in the stock market!.....What do I do?" The host of the show, a Financial Markets Expert, repeated the same response which was, "Don't take your money out of the market....redistribute your portfolio. Stay in the stock market. Call our office and we'll help you". It was sorta funny in a sad kind of way. Some of the people calling in were even current clients who had lost money with their firm.

I sell real estate and mortgage products. I'm going to tell you that the best place to put you money is in real estate. That's a given! Car Salesman will tell you that the best time to purchase a new car is now. Even though the stock market is experiencing a major meltdown, Stock Brokers will tell you that the best place for you money is in the market. You be the judge.

I'm reminded of a lesson I learned as a youth. Never want the wares presented to you by a con-artist. Don't envy the wealth of another. Don't desire the wine when it's calling you even though it looks such a nice red in the glass.

The key to this market in my opinion is to go against the grain. Deuteranopia blocks out the tendency of an individual to be attracted to green. It actually blocks out the ability to distinquish colors in the green, yellow and red hues. Greed and envy is often characterized by the color green. The color yellow is often attributed to fear and everyone knows that red is sometimes used to represent hate. Let us all desire a taste of Deuteranopia in this current market. Not falling for false promises, free from fear, and not allowing past failures or broken promises of pie in the sky to stop us from achieving a successful destiny. I thought it was a funny analogy using colors.

As for where I would put my money......real estate in traditionally stable markets! I also recommend that you invest in eternal projects. I have always contended that the best place to invest is in one's own family. Or, I don't know how many of you readers believe the Bible. Myself, I'm a Christian and believe much can be learned in relation to financial matters from scripture. I think this current market will correct itself eventually. What we're currently seeing is the framework being laid for a coming global joining of three major components...economics, political and religious. With that in mind I recommend another temporarily safe place to put you during this transition which is gold and silver. But bare in mind that the fulfilling of God's word spoken in the Bible in the Book of James 5: 1-5 will surely come to pass. Take a few minutes to read it if you can spare the time.

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